MasterBox MB520 RGB

The MasterBox MB520 RGB focuses on aesthetics and showmanship
with a fully transparent front panel.
For rigs built with lighting as a concentration,the front panel offers to view
components through the panel while having the aggressive intakes to ensure airflow.
The aggressive ventilation on the Dark Mirror front panel cools the system while the
ventilation on the top panel offers additional thermal support.
Three 120mm RGB LED fans in front are pre-installed to create an amazing lighting effect.
One RGB controller is included in the accessory pack.
If your MB does not support the RGB control function,you can connect the RESET button
and control the RGB lighting directly from the I/O panel.
Building a gaming rig is a process that evolves in components over time.
To align with the pace of technology,interior clearances have ample space to support future component upgrades.
The chassis and PSU shroud are powder-coated in black to help compliment your build while the tempered glass side panel shows it off