Benefits of hiring Creative peripherals as distributor_ CPDL_ Leading Distributor in India


As a business owner, you might constantly look for innovative ways to pump up your sales reports. Selling your products/services directly to the buyers is the only method of revenue generation and enhancing brand reputation, especially in this current scenario.


What do you think about partnering with a well-renowned distribution company? Partnering with an eminent well-reputed company like Creative Peripherals allows you to enhance your audience reach in the online and offline marketplaces.


Not only will Creative Peripherals boost your sales reports, but we will also help you carry out marketing campaigns. So, without further ado, let’s understand the advantages of transacting with Creative Peripherals as your distribution partner.



Creative Peripherals follows a smart integrated business model where logistics and inventory management are prioritized. Believe it or not, many e-commerce companies struggle with logistics and delivery, and that’s a common problem of even multinational companies.

We can manage nearly 3,500 tonnes of warehouse and delivery due to our strong presence in the metropolitan, cosmopolitan, and even rural areas in India. This makes distribution of products/services becomes incredibly easy.


Smart E-commerce Platform (CKart) For Partners

By partnering with Creative Peripherals, you get the opportunity of creating your presence on the CKart platform. CKart is India’s first B2B (business to business) e-commerce platform. At CKart, there are products across five verticals: IT Peripherals, Imaging, Gaming, Security, and Lifestyle.

The objective of CKart is to help businesses and resellers by delivering innovative integrated solutions related to tracking, packing, and delivery requirements. This e-commerce platform already provides exclusive distribution for 20+ brands.



At CKart you can place your listings through the right sources, and we’ll ship the products directly to your customer as per the desired delivery date and timing. Through CKart, sellers don’t have to incur shipping or inventory costs.


Marketing Support

At Creative Peripherals, you get value-driven distribution solutions along with marketing support. If you’re a solopreneur or startup company, partnering with this brand allows you to establish a strong network in your industry.


Getting the right marketing support is necessary when launching your products/services in the international markets. From logistics to building a network and drop shipment, Creative Peripherals will take care of everything.


Without burning your valuable resources and funds, the company can broaden your brand exposure through modern marketing tactics. In conclusion, the best thing you get from the Creative Peripherals is the marketing support.


So instead of thinking twice, partner with Creative Peripherals, and you’ll indeed get the best distribution service solutions.



Final Thoughts

These were some advantages you’ll get after getting the smart distribution services from Creative Peripherals. If you want to know more about our distribution services, connect with us, and we’ll surely reach you at the earliest.



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